Work-Life at Wharton

Experience a balanced and enriching work environment at Wharton. Our commitment to fostering a vibrant work culture is underpinned by a strong focus on engagement, recognition, and work-life balance. At Wharton, we don’t just provide a place to work – we offer a space where passion thrives, innovation is rewarded, and every employee feels valued.

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Discover a world of engagement and culture within our community. Our resources extend beyond work, embracing community initiatives and a vibrant arts scene. Dive into meaningful conversations with our Intergroup Dialogue & Inclusion Team, fostering understanding and inclusion. Wharton HR further enriches this experience with diverse programming, offering numerous opportunities for engagement and connection among staff.

Work-Life Balance

Wharton is committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance for its faculty, staff, and students, recognizing that personal well-being and professional success go hand in hand. Through various initiatives and support systems, Wharton strives to create an environment where individuals can excel both in their careers and personal lives. By encouraging flexible work arrangements, providing access to wellness resources, fostering a culture of understanding and respect, and providing resources for personal growth and development, Wharton demonstrates its dedication to assisting individuals maintain harmony between their professional responsibilities and personal aspirations.

Work-Life Balance

Explore Penn’s dedication to ensuring a harmonious blend of professional and personal realms. Dive deeper into initiatives and resources that prioritize your well-being and success.

Hybrid and Remote Work Resources

Navigate today’s new norm with Wharton’s Peak Performance Model, blending efficiency with individual choices in our evolving hybrid reality.


We value the hard work and achievements of our staff. Our dedicated recognition programs across Wharton and Penn celebrate the contributions and successes of our colleagues. These initiatives highlight the exceptional efforts of our staff, fostering a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment.

Spot Award

The spot award program recognizes Wharton staff who have made extraordinary efforts or significant contributions to enhance the workplace environment.

Penn Awards

The University of Pennsylvania honors staff achievements through the Models of Excellence and Service Awards programs. The Models of Excellence Award recognizes staff across the University for their initiative, leadership, efficiency, and commitment to service. It includes three categories: the Models of Excellence Award for outstanding achievements, the Pillars of Excellence Award for significant support role contributions, and the Model Supervisor Award for exemplary leadership. Additionally, the Service Awards program celebrates long-term employees, acknowledging faculty and staff with 10 or more years of service at five-year intervals, as a token of appreciation for their dedication to the University

Gratitude Campagin

Each year, we celebrate the varied contributions of our staff, from everyday kindness to significant project leadership. Through our Expressions of Gratitude platform, staff messages of appreciation are collected, reviewed, and then shared with their recipients. These expressions are also displayed on digital screens at our Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses. Additionally, special pop-up events feature the distribution of appreciation tokens, highlighting the campaign’s spirit and our staff’s commitment to the Wharton community.

Accessibility & Accomodations

The University has equal opportunity programs for staff and faculty with disabilities. We believe in creating and enabling opportunities where everyone can thrive and contribute their best. That’s why we’re committed to providing workplace accommodations, ensuring an accessible and productive work environment for all. Learn more about what workplace accommodations mean and how to request accommodations, empowering you to make your workplace as comfortable and accessible as possible. Let’s make work work for everyone, together.

This includes information about accessible transit, web accessibility, accessible event planning guide, Penn building access, and more.

Workplace Accommodations

 Fostering an inclusive workspace is our priority. Explore how workplace accommodations can help support the diverse needs of our work community.  

Campus Accessibility

Explore resources for navigating Penn’s campus, from accessible transit and web tools to event planning guides and building access. As we uphold accessibility as a collective value and responsibility, we invite you to join our continuous journey to make Penn more inclusive for all.