Reclassification and Salary Adjustment Process


  1. A current performance appraisal, recognizing accomplishments and strong performance must be in the on-line system.
  2. The employee must have successfully performed increased responsibilities (i.e. beyond their current job description) for at least six months before a request can be submitted.
  3. The manager and department head must support the request by signing the revised Position Information Questionnaire. Unsigned PIQs or those without the department head’s signature will be returned and the process will not proceed until the necessary documentation is complete.
  4. Reclassification and salary adjustment requests will be accepted and reviewed by Compensation twice a year –September and February.  Requests must be with Wharton Human Resources  by the 15th of August and 15th of January.  Requests received outside that time frame will not be reviewed and will be returned to the manager.  In an effort to retain and/or reward high potentials it may be necessary to review a position and/or salary outside the timeframe.  In those cases the Senior Director of Human Resources will determine whether an exception is warranted.
  5. A position cannot be reviewed for a reclassification more than once every two years, unless there is a compelling reason to do so.


  1. If  the  above criteria are met, a manager should forward the following to Wharton Human Resources by August 15th or January 15th.
    • Updated PIQ signed by the employee, manager and department head ( you can find under the HR webpage under forms
    • Old PIQ (if available)
    • Memo explaining the reason for the reclassification, including a salary recommendation if there is one
    • Current resume
    • Department organizational chart (if available)
  2. Wharton Human Resources will analyze the new PIQ.  If the position has had significant change (at least 30% new responsibilities) we will continue our review by comparing similar positions, salaries and titles.  If there are questions or uncertainty, we will meet with the manager and possibly the employee.
  3. If the position has changed, but not significantly enough to warrant a reclassification, we will review it for a salary adjustment.  If it is determined the position is appropriately compensated, titled and graded the request will be returned to the manager.
  4. If  Wharton Human Resources determines that a reclassification or salary adjustment is warranted a recommendation will be sent to Central Human Resources for review.
  5. HR will ensure that the School does not exceed the allotted pool. NOTE:  it is possible that Wharton Human Resources will grant a lower salary adjustment than recommended by Compensation in order to manage the pool.
  6. Wharton Human Resources will notify the department head/manager/business administrator/employee of the decision.

It is important to note that, due to the limited pool, some otherwise justified reclassifications and/or salary adjustments may not be approved.  The School is going to maintain an extremely rigorous evaluation/approach towards reclassifications and salary adjustments and they will be an exception, not the rule.

Please feel free to contact Wharton Human Resources if you have any questions or if we can help with the process.