Benefits & Compensation

Discover Penn’s exceptional total rewards package, recognized as one of the most competitive in higher education. With market-competitive salaries and exceptional benefits, we uphold our commitment to excellence and ensure your satisfaction as part of the University community.

Leave of Absence & Time Off

We understand that life occasionally necessitates a break from work, be it for family, health recovery, or personal reasons. The University is committed to providing extensive time off and leave options, ensuring our staff have the support they need for their diverse needs. Our range of policies, including paid parental and disability leave, is tailored to offer essential support during these periods away from work.

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Reclassification & Salary Adjustment

Our HR process thoughtfully addresses position reclassifications and salary adjustments to reflect the evolving dynamics of job roles. Position reclassification is considered when an employee exhibits sustained excellence and expanded responsibilities for over six months in a role with increased complexity, scope, and required discretion. While reclassifications often lead to salary adjustments, salary adjustments may also occur independently to align with market conditions, ensure pay equity, and recognize enhanced job responsibilities that do not result in a job reclassification.

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Acting Rates & Additional Pay

Temporary pay increases are offered for extra work outside the scope of standard duties outside your job profile (e.g. teaching, project work outside of Wharton). Acting Rates are provided for staff who temporarily assume higher-grade responsibilities in conjunction with their primary roles, typically during a vacancy.

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