Wharton Staff Cookbook

The highly anticipated Wharton Staff Cookbook is available for download. Thank you for your wonderful submissions.   Here we have included a PDF version of the Wharton Staff Cookbook to download (Wharton Staff Cookbook PDF). We are looking forward to trying the amazing recipes submitted.

COVID-19 Updates

For all Penn COVID-19 updates, check the Coronavirus Health & Safety webpage.  As conditions change, this page may be updated at the discretion of the Provost and the Executive Vice President. Please stay well and stay safe during this time.

New Manager’s Toolkit

We are pleased to share with you the new Manager’s Toolkit website. This site was developed by Central Human Resources to provide information and resources that Penn’s managers need to hire, manage, and support their staff. Information is organized into sections based on the various stages of the staff member’sRead More

Sick and Short Term Disability presentation

Penn is revising its short-term disability (STD) and related sick leave policies in order to respond to the needs of our staff. The new plan was developed through the collaborative efforts of the Division of Human Resources, the University Council Committee on Personnel Benefits, and other staff members across theRead More

Ban The Box

The City of Philadelphia’s Fair Criminal Standards Ordinance, also known as the “ban the box” law, has been amended. The amendment went into effect on March 14, 2016. The amendment changes when and how an employer may legally consider an applicant’s criminal record during the employment process. It also prohibits anyRead More

Wharton Staff Shoutouts

In keeping with the spirit of great appreciation, please take a moment to view the recent Shoutouts! If you would like to say thank you or give special recognition to someone please submit your comments by clicking here.


Part I: New hires complete Part I here. Use Wharton as the location. Part II: New hires come to Suite 450 SH-DH to verify during I-9 hours. Mon – 9:30-11:30AM & 3:00-4:30PM Wed – 2:00-4:30PM Thurs – 9:30-11:30AM List of Acceptable Documents Wharton HR Suite 450 SHDH (Bottom floor by Reprographics and Joe’sRead More

Nutrition Counseling at Wharton

Are you aiming for a healthier you in 2020? Do you want to create better eating habits or improve your overall wellness? Perhaps you or someone close to you is dealing with a medical condition that could be improved with better nutrition. A registered dietitian can help you get onRead More