Wharton Onboarding

Onboarding is an invaluable and integrative process which, if carried out efficaciously, can lead to a better workplace environment, increased retention, and overall improved productivity levels. Contrary to popular belief, a successful onboarding program is not merely an orientation program.  It commences before the candidate begins his/her first day of work, and can span up to a year or more. The purpose of the program is multifaceted. Its primary function is to get new hires engaged with the organization and its mission. Understanding the meaning and purpose of their specific roles and how it is tied to the department or organization’s success is key to inspiring a sense of pride and commitment to a unified set of goals and opens the door sooner for allowing creative thinking.

On another level, onboarding contributes to a department’s success by increasing retention of staff, thereby reducing the time and cost involved in the hiring process. In addition to reducing the stress involved to filling an open position for the hiring manager, it also reduces strain on existing employees that need to pick up additional responsibilities in the absence of the role being filled.