Acting Rates and Additional Pay

At Wharton, we believe in recognizing the outstanding contributions of our staff and providing opportunities for growth and development. That’s why we offer various options for additional pay, including one-time payments, period activity pay, and temporary increases to hourly rates/salaries (i.e. acting rates).

Additional Pay

To ensure a smooth process for requesting additional compensation, we kindly ask all Wharton staff to complete the Additional Pay Pre-Approval Form before taking on any extra responsibilities. This form is designed to streamline the approval process and facilitate seamless communication between the manager and the paying department. It must then be attached to the Workday request, which will then be directed to Wharton HR and F&A.

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We understand that everyone’s time is valuable, so we want to avoid any unnecessary delays in processing your request. To prevent any hiccups, please remember to submit the Workday request with the completed form attached. This way, we can swiftly move forward and ensure you receive the additional pay you deserve without any delay.

Note: these extra services should be performed outside normal business hours. If it is not possible, staff must submit PTO during that time.

Acting Rates

We value the skills and dedication of our staff members, in particular during times of transition. We encourage managers to consider acting rates during a period of vacancy to ensure the continuation of operations, while also recognizing effort that is above and beyond. Acting Rates are considered when a staff member temporarily takes on major responsibilities for a vacant position at a higher grade profile than their current role. This additional responsibility is usually in addition to their primary job responsibilities.

To make the process as smooth as possible, the Acting Rate is determined by Wharton Human Resources based on the extra duties performed. It’s important to note that the Acting Rate will not exceed 10% of the staff member’s current annual salary/hourly rate. Typically, Acting Rates last for up to six months and come to an end when the vacant position is filled or when the staff member is no longer performing the additional responsibilities (whichever comes first).

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We believe in open communication and setting clear expectations. If you foresee a potential vacancy and would like to request an Acting Rate, we encourage you to submit the request in advance. This helps us ensure alignment of expectations and allows us to support staff during the time that they are working hard to support our operations.

To learn more about our Additional Pay policies and how we foster career growth, please visit the Additional Pay (formerly Extra Compensation) page.