Sample Interview Questions

Describe your role in your current organization.

What impact would you say you have had on your current organization?

Who do you define as your customers?

What are your biggest challenges in your current position?  Tell me how you handled them.

What are some of the problems you encounter in doing your job?  What do you do about it?

In what ways do you think your current position has prepared you to take on greater responsibilities?

What are some of the reasons prompting you to consider leaving your current position?

In your current job, what kind of pressures do you encounter?

What are some things you liked about your current position?

What’s the size of your current organization?

Tell me about the politics of your current employer.

Why were you chosen for your current position?

Describe your major deliverables in your current position.  How did you accomplish them?

What are some of the things in your job you think you have done particularly well or in which you have achieved the greatest success?  Why?

Describe how you have functioned in team environments or how you have worked in team settings.  What role did you play in the team?

Have you had opportunities to supervise employees?  Describe the experience.

What do you look for in a manager?

Describe how you handle conflict.

What kind of people do you like to work with?

What kind of people do you find most difficult to work with?

What are some things you would like to avoid in a job?

What would you say is the most important thing you are looking for in an employer?

What contributions or impact do you think you can make to our position?

Why should I hire you?

What attracts you to our open position?

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