Resignation Procedure

Resignation is a voluntary separation from the University.  It is the staff member’s responsibility to submit a notice to his/her manager stating the reason for the resignation and the date of the last day worked at Wharton. Resignation notice period must be days worked, not Paid Time Off (PTO). PTO cannot be taken in this time, and any accrued PTO will be paid out following their resignation date. The resignation date must reflect the last day the employee will be in the office.

A staff member paid on a weekly or hourly basis is expected to give at least two (2) weeks notice and a staff member paid on a monthly basis is expected to give at least four (4) weeks notice.  The notice should be in writing.

Recommended Checklist for Staff Person Resigning

  • As soon as a staff member knows his/her date of resignation, notify manager in writing.
  • Notice should include reason for resignation and date of last day to be worked at Wharton.
  • View the University’s policy on resignations.

Recommended Checklist for supervisor/manager

  • As soon as you are notified by a staff member that he/she is resigning, request written notice stating reason for resignation and date of last day in the office.
  • After receiving written notice from the staff member, forward a copy of the notice to
  • It is a good practice for the supervisor to acknowledge the resignation in writing.

If you have questions about the above information, please contact Sara Goldstein in Wharton Human Resources.