Nutrition Counseling at Wharton

Are you aiming for a healthier you in 2020? Do you want to create better eating habits or improve your overall wellness? Perhaps you or someone close to you is dealing with a medical condition that could be improved with better nutrition. A registered dietitian can help you get on the road to taking control of many aspects of your health.

Did you know that you are eligible to receive up to six nutrition counseling sessions a year with no copayment if you elected any of the plans administered by Independence Blue Cross? To help you use this valuable benefit Wharton Human Resources has contracted with Nutrition Unlimited, LLC, to provide onsite individual consultations with registered dietitian for our staff. All consultations will be held in Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall.

Important note: Employees who elected plans administered by Aetna may be subject to a copay. If you wish to schedule an appointment, please call Nutrition Unlimited for personal assistance determining the amount of your copay, if any.

To maintain employee privacy, all appointments will be administered through Nutrition Unlimited, LLC. You may make appointments directly through their online registration system here, by calling them directly at (267)239-5637 or by sending an email.

Consultations will be held in 209 SH-Dh on the following dates:

  • March 5th, 2020
  • April 2nd, 2020