Position Posting

Dear Wharton Business Administrator, Department Head and Hiring Managers,

As we begin a new fiscal year, it is a good time to review hiring policies, procedures and practices.

During the past 10 years, Wharton has increased staff by approximately 7% per year. It is good business practice to 1) be aware of the increase, and 2) assure that we are adequately staffed in the future. As stewards of the School, we have a responsibility to work together to ensure that each staff position that becomes available continues to support our strategic mission.

At the direction of the Dean’s Office, we recently reviewed staff hiring and posting practices.  We determined that enhancements to our current processes are necessary, and we have developed a new set of practices for posting open staff positions. The enhancements we are implementing will provide us with processes that allow us to evaluate each requested position.

The new processes are mandatory for those hiring new, straight replacements, as well as replace and reclassification of all staff positions. Please note: Any positions you currently have under review for posting must go through the new process, which goes into effect immediately and without exception.

It is incumbent upon hiring managers to carefully review the organizational structure and current needs of their units when positions become vacant. Upon completion of your thorough review, we will require the following information from you:

  1. a justification letter addressed to Anna Loh and signed by the department head;
  2. an updated PIQ signed by the department head; and
  3. a current organizational chart.

The justification letter must address the following:

  1. Notation denoting if the position is a new, straight replacement, or a replace and reclassify.
  2. Name of incumbent.
  3. Rationale for the necessity to fill the position.
  4. Explanation of how the responsibilities would be covered if the position is not filled.
  5. In those cases where the position has been vacant for three or more months, a statement regarding how the responsibilities were covered during the interim.
  6. Explanation of the steps you followed when determining the need to fill the position.
  7. Explanation of how the department’s business has changed since the last time the position was vacant.
  8. Statement regarding how the position will be funded.

Please address the justification letter to:

Anna M. Loh
Sr. Director of Wharton Human Resources
450 SH-DH

A posting process review team has been convened by the Deputy Dean. I am joined on this team by the following managers:

  • Dan Alig, CIO;
  • Maureen McGinness, Controller; and
  • Emily Cieri, Chief-of-Staff to the Dean.

We acknowledge that these are extra steps in a process that already can seem burdensome. Please know that we gave these process changes much thought and consideration, and we are confident that it is the right direction at this time. You have my assurance that we will review each request thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance or have any questions.


Anna M. Loh

Senior Director, Wharton Human Resources