Wharton Mentor Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your career or develop skills within your current role? Maybe you’d like a mentor in a similar role to bounce ideas off of. Perhaps you’re looking to explore a whole new career trajectory. In any of these cases, obtaining a mentor to help you accomplish these goals is a great first step!

A mentor within Wharton can help expose you to other departments, different ways of thinking, or a new career and what it takes to get there. Mentors also can help staff acclimate to the Wharton and Penn culture, network more effectively, and provide expert insights.

How our program works:

  • If you’re looking for a mentor, please complete this form.
    If you’d like to serve as a mentor, please complete this form.
  • Wharton HR will review your request and pair you with a mentor that matches your needs. You will both receive an introduction email.
  • The mentee and mentor will setup time to meet and discuss goals for a mentoring relationship. We recommend meeting at least 1 hour a month.
  • During the first meeting, the mentee and mentor discuss a mentoring action plan, goals, objectives, and future meeting times.

If you do not feel that your match is ideal for any reason, please let us know, and we will try to pair you with a more suitable mentor/mentee.

Ideally after a year of being mentored, we hope our mentees will volunteer to be mentors for others!

For any questions about the program, please contact Wharton Human Resources.

If you’d like to expand your mentoring scope outside of Wharton, consider connecting through LinkedIn’s Career Guidance Hub