The Hiring Process

  1. A requisition and PIQ are completed online by the department Business Administrator through the Requisition Management system.  A memo should be submitted to Anna Loh for newly created positions.
  2. Requisitions/PIQs are approved by Wharton Human Resources, Finance & Administration and Compensation.
  3. Position is posted on University’s Employment page. Wharton HR will notify the hiring officer once the position is posted.
  4. Hiring officer reviews resumes and applications to determine who will be invited in for an interview. Those who will not be selected for an interview should have their statuses changed in the system to reflect that.
  5. Hiring officer contacts candidates and schedules an interview.
  6. Hiring officer selects preferred candidate and submits required hiring proposal to Wharton HR via the jobs site portal. Documents include –  resume and fully completed application for preferred candidate. Affirmative Action information for ALL candidates interviewed, a list of the interview team, phone screen notes, interview questions, interview notes and/or evaluation forms, and references.
  7. After Wharton HR secures all approvals, the hiring officer will be notified and can officially inform the preferred candidate.
  8. Original signed offer letter, W4, Personal Data Sheet (doc) and Voluntary Self ID form are forwarded to the Business Administrator. The Business Administrator will forward copies to Wharton HR, and originals of the employment letter, and W4 to HR-Records (3401 Walnut Street).
  9. New staff must complete an I-9 Form online. On their first day, new hires should be sent to Wharton HR (Suite 450 SHDH) to verify documentation. This process must be completed no later than their third day of employment.
  10. Hiring officer must notify candidates interviewed who were not selected.