Extramural Activity

At the University of Pennsylvania, we understand the immense value our employees’ knowledge and expertise can bring, both within the University and to organizations beyond our campus. We celebrate and encourage these beneficial connections with government agencies, professional organizations, and other departments within our University. Such associations can enhance our employees’ professional growth, fulfill our public service responsibilities, and reflect positively on the University. 

While we actively support such enriching collaborations, we also remain vigilant to avoid conflicts of interest. This policy serves to provide the necessary guidelines to maintain this balance, ensuring the integrity and excellence we strive for at Wharton.

Before committing to any activity outside of normal job duties:
Wharton staff are required to secure pre-approval from their supervisor and Wharton HR. If the duties are performed during the employee’s regular work day, vacation time or foregoing additional compensation may be required.

Additional Compensation - Activity Within Penn

If the additional activities or work is within Penn, the department’s business administrator requesting the work will work with the necessary parties to complete the pre-approval request form. Once approved and signed by all parties, the form and one-time payment must be submitted via Workday.

  • The appropriate approvals must be secured before the event/activity occurs. The employee cannot assume the additional responsibilities until all approvals have been secured.
  • Additional compensation should be processed after the work has been completed. If the responsibilities are completed on a regular basis, additional compensation may be paid in multiple payments in conjunction with the regular pay cycle.
  • Non-exempt (hourly paid) employees must be paid overtime rather than a flat rate. Hours worked between 35 and 40 hours a week would be paid at the straight hourly rate. Hours greater than 40 a week would be paid at time and a half. A flat rate can be paid only if it is greater than what the employee would make in overtime or time and a half. Consult with Wharton Human Resources to determine the best way to pay a weekly paid employee.

Activity Outside of Penn

At times it is beneficial to the School and the employee to serve on a board or engage in activities outside of the University and beyond the scope of the role, i.e. consulting, serving on a board, accepting corporate directorships or retainers, teaching (whether for the University of Pennsylvania or another institution; including for-credit courses and executive education). 

Before agreeing to these additional responsibilities, the employee must secure approval by providing a memo description of scope to their manager and Wharton HR. The approval for such activities will be reviewed regularly and may be reversed if the activity no longer meets the needs of the department or interferes with the employee’s regular scope of responsibility.