Connections is the Wharton School’s mentoring program for regular full-time and part-time staff. It has been in existence since September 1995. The Program pairs protégés with mentors based on their skills, needs, and experiences. This relationship, which is voluntary and confidential, creates a supportive environment for interested employees. New employees especially are encouraged to join. All that’s required is a minimum of one hour per month to connect with your mentor or protégé.

Do you want someone to guide you in the right direction at Wharton?
Do you need career guidance or help in learning the ropes?
Would you like to provide direction and insight for others?
Would you like to broaden your network?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then Connections is for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow within our supportive framework. Take this occasion to pass on acquired information and insights OR to gain them by participating in Wharton’s Connections Program.

To join the program or ask a question, call Wharton Human Resources (215) 898-3033