Access Privileges for Temporary Employees

The University employs individuals in a variety of salary categories to support and enhance its academic and research mission.  One of the categories provided is “temporary extra employee,” a salary status which allows a department to meet specific increased staffing needs for a limited period of time. A temporary extra employee is defined as someone who works less than 1,000 hours in a fiscal year, is not eligible to receive benefits from the University, and enables a department to augment staff for a predetermined specific period of time.  Temporary employees hired through an agency also fall under this category.   These individuals are not considered employees of the University.

In an effort to protect faculty, staff and student confidential information, temporary staff may not have access to sensitive information.  This information is defined as, but not limited to, social security number, birth date, home address, grades, performance appraisal, salary, and discipline action documentation.

Some departments rely on temporary extra employees to assist during peak periods.  Due to the nature of the position it may be necessary to allow a temporary employee access to certain sensitive information.  If this is the case, the hiring officer must contact Wharton Human Resource.  It may be necessary to conduct a background check on the individual.  Background checks will be coordinated through the Recruiting and Staffing Office of the University and the cost will be the hiring department’s responsibility.

Before assuming the cost of a background check, the hiring officer should review responsibilities in his/her department.  It may be possible to shift duties so that those requiring access to sensitive information are given to regular full time staff and the less sensitive duties are assigned to the temporary person.

Sensitive information is confidential.  Regular staff and temporary workers who breach this confidentiality may be subject to immediate termination.  Suspected irregularities must be reported to Wharton Human Resources.

Applicability: All Temporary Staff Members
Ref: Policy 101, Policy 108, Policy 205; Wharton School’s Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy